April 23
Earth Day Sustainability Fair with Garden for a Changing Climate
UIC Quad

Celebrate Earth Day at UIC and their ongoing Climate Change Commitments to create a resilient campus that recognizes, responds, and educates UIC’s campus community about the impacts of climate change. This outdoor pop-up event, planned by UIC students as part of Garden for a Changing Climate, features booths and activities from various organizations on campus and throughout Chicago that explore sustainable and green practices for everyday life.

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June 16
Garden for a Changing Climate at the Juneteenth Celebration
Sweet Water Foundation

Garden for a Changing Climate joins Sweet Water Foundation's First Annual Juneteenth Celebration, focusing on the theme of Radical [Re]Construction; Radical, meaning of or restoring to the root, and [Re]Construction, the rebuilding and healing of our community. This event brings together community partners in Washington Park for a day of programs, including arts & crafts, health & wellness activities, performances, cooking demonstrations, and much more.

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July 14
Marshall Square Garden Appreciation Tour Hosted by Esperanza Health Center Telpochcalli School and Hammond Elementary

Little Village’s Marshall Square is home to many community gardens that bring neighbors together in green spaces where they cultivate plants, share food, and their personal narratives.

Garden for a Changing Climate 
joins Telpochcalli School Garden and Hammond Elementary Garden—two of Marshall Square’s most vibrant neighborhood gardens—for a day of fresh food, gardening, and community organizing. 

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July 21
Garden for a Changing Climate Street Fair
American Indian Center

The Garden for a Changing Climate Street Fair celebrates the American Indian Center’s Northwest Walking Museum, a project that connects and highlights the importance of two rivers, the North Branch of the Chicago River and the Des Plaines Rivers, throughout the city’s history and their significance today. The fair includes walking tours, indigenous snacks such as teas and seed melodies, seed bomb making, a PROtest banner workshop, and an introduction to the contemporary mound installation by artist Santiago X.

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August 8
Freedom Camp Community Celebration
360 Nation at Charles Sumner Math & Science Community Academy

Garden for a Changing Climate’s final summer event with 360 Nation’s Freedom Camp —a six-week summer program for youth that focuses on health and wellness, trauma-informed restorative practices, and cultural education. The Freedom Camp Community Celebration invites visitors to work in the garden and prepare the land as a site of imaginative renewal. Programing includes youth DJ sets, Double Dutch with Black Girls Jump, and vegetable preservation and plant-based cooking demos. 

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