Atmospheric Orchestra

CO2 levels remain constant at the environmental baseline until they rise as more people gather, creating a passive collaboration between the sensor and the occupant of the space.

This stream merges all of the sites together as an ambient orchestra.

Listen on-site in the lobby of 400 S. Peoria St. (Art and Exhibition Hall) until August 25.
Atmospheric Orchestra is a sound installation by Jared Kelley capturing environmental CO2 from six cultural and ecological centers at UIC.

  • Latino Cultural Center
  • Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Jane Addams Hull-House
  • Plant Research Laboratory at the UIC Greenhouse
  • 400 S. Peoria St. 
  • Gallery 400

Measured CO2 is translated into live sound, slowly evolving as concentrations fluctuate, and sonifying the history of bodies in space.